Join the RFCP

When you join us you can :

  • Be inform with the online official journal “Les Paillettes and the newsletter.
  • Access to a download plateform of strawbale files and use communications media (slideshows presented during national strawbale meeting, brochures, pdf).
  • Meet members of  les adhérents our local networks and homeowner of strawbale buildings.
  • Invest yourself in the RFCP guidelines.

Be a RFCP member

In addition as a professional  :

  • Access and modify your information in the directory of professionals of strawbale buildings.
  • Download technicals files (the observatory tracker, technical press).
  • Receipt of tenders
  • Special contacts of monitoring offices.
  • Template documents for contract development.

Moreover as nonprofit organisation :

  • Custom access to your account.
  • Announce your events in the general RFCP calendar and in the trainer calendar.
  • Detailed description of your activity and link to your organisation’s website.